Why the Warsaw University of Business?

Why the Warsaw University of Business?

The Warsaw University of Business is a non-public university that has been active in the educational market for several years. It was founded in 2001 and has since enjoyed unwavering interest of students, by offering a rich and comprehensive course of study in the fields of management and logistics. At the Warsaw University of Business education has a practical nature and most of the activities take the form of classes and workshops. Management Studies prepare the students to manage their own companies, lead teams of employees and occupy managerial roles in domestic and international companies. Logistics students learn about the practical functioning aspects of logistics in enterprises, laying foundations for development of their future careers in transport and forwarding companies.

The University implements a modern curriculum, focused on practical preparation of graduates to work in their chosen professions, both in Poland and abroad. Nowadays, versatility and flexibility in approach to work are important – that is why the WWSB University constantly adjusts its educational offer and methodology to the needs of the market, while at the same time taking care of the comfort of work and studying.

The University provides huge scholarships to those students who will obtain a high average grade during the given year of studies or who will have scientific, artistic or sporting achievements in international or national competitions, and who will also take an active part in conferences and cultural events organized by the WWSB or the university’s partners. Students receive even 1,500 PLN per month! 

The practical education is also a priority for the WWSB. Practical knowledge and skills are at the center of attention. WWSB offers a rich program of workshops conducted by professionals from various industries.

Do not miss the opportunity to become a skilled professional with the help of Warsaw University of Business. 

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