10 up and coming places to study abroad

10 up and coming places to study abroad

Studying abroad has been a great experience for former students who seek a bright future and are keen to explore the streets of a new country. Apart from traveling adventures, some learn new languages, look for part-time jobs or even make friends, to make the most out of their new life. Sounds promising, right?However, 2020 has been a hard year. Apart from the health crisis, many graduating students have suffered narrow study abroad options, financial issues, and health and safety hazards.

Despite these difficulties, don’t assume that studying abroad is impossible! The options are only different than before. The main question that arises this instant is about ‘where to study.’ If you are wondering about this, you’ve come to the right place! This article lists the 10 best and affordable places that should be your go-to pick for studies in 2021.


Being the heart of Europe, this city offers you a wide range of study options. The fascinating part is that they offer free education to every citizen, whether they are EU or non-EU residents.


Being the most welcoming country, universities in Canada are well-known for their technologically advanced studying system that offers a low tuition fee. If you love nature, Canada is for you!


What can be more enthralling than a study break to visit the great Pyramids? That is what makes Egypt an amazing place to study. Being home to famous universities, like the University of Cairo, the study options here remain diverse and fitting to everyone.


Ranked #3 in the world, Australia provides an outstanding study experience along with the breathtaking views of the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Opera House. It is successful in the personal development of an individual, making it the go-to place to study!


Being well-known for the high living standards and quality of life, Sweden has more than just its beauty to offer. The Swedish study programs provide a range of study options to choose from. If you have big career goals, Sweden is for you!


The incredible beaches, ancient ruins, and the Amazon rainforest all contribute to amplifying Peru’s rank. From environmental study programs to social ones, Peru offers all that a student wants!


Having a good repute for hospitality, this technologically advanced country is the future of good education. From good education, living, transport, and cuisine, Japan truly has it all!


The popular study programs offered here include business, sociology, political sciences, etc. Apart from the study opportunities, you can learn about the culture and heritage of this awe-inspiring country!


Being a great tourist attraction, this country has its charms in all aspects. From the best study programs in zoology, biology, and Asian studies, Thailand has earned its rank in being the best place to study.


Having top-notch security, Switzerland is the safest country for a student to study in. Swiss universities are ranked high for good quality education and degree programmes.

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